The Telescope

The newsletter of the S.C.G.S.C.

Volume 5, Issue 4 November, 2007
Old sailors sit and chew the fat
'bout how things used to be
of the things they've seen
and places they've been
When they ventured out to sea.

They remember friends from long ago
and the times they had back then
of the money they've spilled
and the beer they've swilled
In their days as sailing men.

They rode their ships through many a storm
when the sea was showing its might
And the mighty waves
might be digging their graves
as they sailed on through the night.

They speak of nights in a bawdy house
somewhere on a foreign shore
and the beer they'd down
as they gathered around
cracking jokes with a busty whore.

Their numbers grow less with each passing day
as their chits in this life are called in
But they've nothing to lose
for they've all paid their dues
and they'll sail with their shipmates again.

I've heard them say before getting underway
that there's still some sailin' to do
and they'll exclaim with a grin
that their ship has come in
and the Lord is commanding the crew.

The 1st Sea Survival Course will take place at the Irish Maritime College on Monday the 26th of November 2007. This course is certified by the Dept of the Marine and the course cost is 2250 euro for a class of twelve. St Paul’s Garda Credit Union is sponsoring this event which reduces the cost per member. Your Committee is conscious of the necessity in having boat crews trained in safety and sea survival techniques. This is the second course relating to safety at sea and it is hoped that this will continue with other Committees into the future.

While preference on this course is for current skippers and potential skippers there will be a small number of places available. If you are interested pass on your details to the Hon Sec J.J O Keeffee on 086-8139271.

A course on aspects of Navigation will take place in the New Year and this will be open to all members of the club. Just because you do not hold a skippers ticket does not mean that you do not play a pivotal part of the crew when it comes to navigation. So come along and see what it’s all about….rather than just continue to listen to the Skipper muttering …..’where the fe**are we now’?

Winter Storage of Explorer
The time has finally arrived, for ‘Explorer’ to be lifted out for ‘wintering’ at the Naval Service Headquarters in Haulbowline. Well done to the crew who brought her from Crosshaven – Victor, Helen, Sean and also to the gang who were at Haulbowline from 8am the following morning to assist. The help of Dermot, Mick, Dave, Paul, J.J, and Paddy in this regard was much appreciated, especially by the Naval Service Yacht Squadron. Paul directed operation on the quay side and the remainder of the crew rubbed bottoms for the rest of the day……how delightful one might say. Rubbing bottoms, is an annual event open to all members of the club, both male and female. The only requirement is a desire to do a bit of work. Lunch on this occasion was provided by the Naval Squadron who as usual came to the rescue. Well done Navy!

Work has already commenced on the engine overhaul for ‘Explorer’ and as soon as Shane Allen can drag himself back from sea going duty on the ‘British Tenacity’ somewhere in the South China Sea it will be completed. While this is not a difficult piece of work it is essential that from a mechanical point of view, as there are few mechanics available when your on passage be it to France or Glandore.

Eoghan is already putting together a list of defects/repairs which will have to be carried out over the winter. The sooner some of these can be completed the easier it will to overall. A works list will be circulated shortly and your assistance is required and appreciated in this endeavour. Any member who can give of some of his time should make contact with Eoghan who is the overall co-ordinator. Some of this work may be carried out at home over the winter, so no need to drag yourselves away from the fire!

End of season prize giving event.
An end of season Bash or pre Christmas party will be held at the ‘Boqueria’ bar and restaurant on the 5th Dec at 8.00pm. All members are invited…..Tales of mighty feats on the high seas will not be tolerated……….until 9.30pm. Usually around this time the bull starts anyway!

Prizes will be given for the following categories.
    1. Cruise that required extraordinary skills in sailing, navigation and seamanship.
    2. Runner up prize to a skipper and crew which as part of the cruise involved skill in navigation, sailing and seamanship.
    3. Best racing result of the season.
    4. Second best racing result of the season.
    5. Individual prize to a member of the club who contributed energy, enthusissiam and got the job done.
    6. Club member who had the greatest number of logged days on the water.
    7. Award to previous Club Commodores for their individual contribution to the South Coast Garda Sailing Club.
    8. Spot prizes.
This is the second occasion that the club will be giving out prizes/awards to its members. On the last occasion the Commissioner of the day Mr Pat Byrne presented awards to the delivery and support crews of ‘Oasis’. Hopefully this will become an annual event and that future Committees will expand on the number of prizes and so acknowledge the major contribution made by so many members.
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