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The newsletter of the S.C.G.S.C.

Volume 6, Issue 1 March, 2008

1st Disorientated Battered & Bruised Course.(Otherwise known as the Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques, STCW 95, Regulations, VI/1)
Congrats to the members who participated and gained their well and hard earned certificates. The feedback from all the members was that this was a worthwhile course which was demanding and an eye opener when it comes to surviving the elements. More Pictures & Report later.

Annual General Meeting.
The AGM of the South Coast Garda Sailing Club will be held at 8pm on Monday the 14th of April 2008 at the Rochestown Park Hotel. All members are invited to attend. The agenda for the AGM will be circulated prior to the meeting. Any item for discussion should be forwarded to the Club Committee prior to their next meeting in Anglesea Street at 6pm on 25th of February 2008. These committee meetings are open to all members of the club to attend.

1. Sea Survival Course.
2. 1st Prize giving event for South Coast Garda Sailing Club.
3. French Offshore Cruise Report 2007
4. Upcoming Events.
5. Lost & Found

1. Sea Survival Course.
The course commenced at 8am with lectures on sea survival and finished at 6pm. Past maritime incidents were examined to illustrate how people either did or did not survive the encounter with disaster. A light lunch was provided (for obvious reasons) and immediately afterwards the class went to the environmental pool for instruction and practice followed by a final simulated exercise.

Instruction consisted of how to get into a survival suite and bleed air pockets from it both on board and while in the water. How naive we were, when the instructor showed us how to enter the water from the great height of 4’……so easy. Its only when the waves, rain, howling gale, lightening are thrown in for good measure that things began to appear to be going pear shaped. Of course throwing the life raft into this was easy except when they (Instructors) insisted on turning it upside-down every time and getting us poor souls to practice righting it.

Worse was to follow when we were brought up to the high platform and directed (not asked or suggested) to jump with all your equipment into the pool. ‘Right hand hold your nose and left hand locking this by holding your right arm ….and jump’. ……It’s a long way down……splash…..and down…..and down.

Looking suspiciously like a line up at Quantanimo Bay. Prior to the final exercise all smiles for now!
Sean Kelleher, Harry Field,
Mick (Shark) Collins, Mike Murphy and Paul Hogan

The Final Simulated Exercise.

For the final simulated exercise we were some distance away from the pool and Harry Field was the nominated skipper of the foundered vessel. A cunning plan was devised so that the South Coast Garda Sailing Club could really show what we were made of. Sterner stuff than the Naval Service or the staff of the National Maritime College expected. However they (Instructors) had an even more cunning and devious plan…….suddenly the lights went out and we were plunged into darkness and the call went out ‘ABANDON SHIP ABANDON SHIP’. The gallant disorientated crew in absolute darkness had to make their way in a gale ‘oh no not again’ to the high evacuation platform except this time there was thunder/lightening/ torrential rain/waves/howling gale and still dark……and now you want us to jump into the dark ……and into that… must be joking… time for that ‘Jump 1, Jump 2……down….splash….down…..up…water, don’t talk it only lets the water in. As usual the life raft was upturned and had to be turned over. Scramble in, again for the fifty first time and count everyone. Of course, the usual floating body was found outside and had to be recovered and dragged into the life raft. Ah the rescue……the helicopter came into view and plucked the crew two at a time from the icy water and brought them to safety. Being lifted in this manner from the water was difficult and had its own dangers.

Warm showers, change and into class for debriefing and written examination……was it worth while…….yes it was. With exception all of the participants felt that this was an essential and worthwhile. Hopefully the skills and experience will never have to be used.

Again, our thanks, to St Paul’s Garda Credit Union, who sponsored this event for us. Without their support over the years many of our events and project may not have come to a successful conclusion. Sometimes we can take support for granted but without such support from St Paul’s Garda Credit Union the club would have to raise 2500 euro for this course.

l-r front: Mick Collins, JJ ‘ Keeffe, Sean Kelleher,
l-r Back Row. Captain Badiul Alam, Eoghan Allen, David Power, Paddy Allen,
Harry Field, Paul Hogan, Dave Moore, Michael Murphy, Eddie Mac Eoin.

1st Prize giving event for South Coast Garda Sailing Club.
As a Committee it was felt that acknowledging members of the club who had achieved distinction in racing/cruising and participation in club event had not previously been recognised. So on the 5th of December such an event was held and it is our hope that the next committee will continue with this work.

A special presentation was made on the night to all the former Commodores of the club dating back to the beginning with Martin Landers. It is important to recognise the important contribution that all of these members made during their time at the helm. We as a club would not be where we are today without their sense of venture and adventure. Well done to Martin, Paddy, Eoghan, Harry and Mick.

St Brendan the Navigator Trophy.
Best offshore cruise involving endurance, seamanship and navigational skills.
Winners were: The French Cruise crew consisting of Paula, Claire, Sean, Victor, Mick and Paddy.

Runner up cruise prize.
For the cruise to west cork. Eoghan, with assistance from full crews with Helen, Paul, Dermot, Mick Coughlin.

Best racing result of the season.
Eoghan Allen

Member who made a significant contribution during the year.
None other than Paul Hogan. This was for Paul’s contribution and efforts at getting Explorer ready for sea at the start of the season and encouraging members to take part in racing events.

Member who was not a club skipper who had most days at sea.
Dave Power. Dave took his time out from research occasionally to get out on the water and it seems to have paid dividends in that Dave is hoping to take his ‘Costal Skippers’ exam this year. I suppose we may have to refer to him as Dr, Skipper Power in future.

International Police Presentation.
On behalf of the Committee I wish to thank the International Police Association who made a special prize to all the members of the ‘French’ team to mark the occasion. For the future we are delighted that the IPA have decided to sponsor an inter club and Police Sailing Competition in 2008. Some discussion has already taken place with other Police Forces in this regard.

Martin Landers being presented with an award for being a founder member and former Commodore of the club

Paula accepting the St Brendan prize from Club Commodore Paddy Allen on behalf of the crew of ‘Explorer’

3. French Offshore Cruise Report 2007
The report on the French Offshore Cruise can be viewed on the 'Shis Log' section of the website.

4. Upcoming Events.
Launch Date.
Launch date set for the 31st of March. Just about nine weeks away. So all hands are requested to give a hand. So please, please….give a hand….its your boat. If you are available to help contact Paddy @ 087-2786794

Cruising Programme 2008.
At least two cruises are in the early planning stage for this year. If interested contact Paddy Allen on 087-2786794. As flights have to be arranged it is essential to book early.

    1. Cruise of the south. Dept Crosshaven and eventually going to Dingle. Many stops at various secluded spots would nearly be a guaranteed. Eoghan and Dermot are the people concerned. No time set yet but possibly towards the end of May.

    2.Offshore Cruise. Dept Crosshaven on or about the 14th June and calling to Tresco and St Mary’s in the Isles of Scilly, Penzance, Fowey and eventually Plymouth. Flight back with Air Southwest from Plymouth to Cork.
    Return trip. Flight Cork to Plymouth on the 21st of June and return trip to Crosshaven arriving on or about the 28th of June.
    Naturally visiting ports will vary from time to time and be decided by the crew. Sick heads may necessitate a longer stop over!. Total cost should be about 50 euro for the flights. Food and fuel is extra…….No not the fuel for the aeroplane just the boat.
Further training courses.
A navigation refresher course will be held after the 17th of March at a venue to be announced. The course will be given by Michael Murphy who is a currently the Chief Officer on board a cable laying ship in the Indian Ocean. I’m sure he will have some valuable information to give us. This event is open to all member of the club. It is important to have a working knowledge and understanding of navigation. So keep a weather eye open for further updates on this course.

So far your Committee has held three training courses since May 2007. Also two social events which were well supported by members took place. All of these have, we hope, contributed to the running of the club. A special word of thanks has to go to the Club Secretary JJ O’ Keeffe who organised these events.

Cork Week.
Cork week takes place this year from 12th to 18th July with racing from 14th to 18th, it is hoped to enter “Explorer” this year after the trouble the last time over the new handicap system. Cost of entry is approximately €1,000 euro which would be recouped from those competing on the boat at a cost of €10 per person per day. If anyone is interested please let me know by text @ (086) 8160740 or when replying let me know what days you are interested in. If I don’t have enough interest by 31st March I will abandon the idea.

5. Lost & Found (Lost Really).
One Spinnaker in a big blue bag if anyone has it let me know a.s.a.p last seen summer 2006, that’s the same year we put the boat in the Naval Base for the first time. (If it don’t turn up soon I will have to resort to putting an incident on “Pulse”) same contact details as above.

Apologies for the lateness of the News Letter but I have been away and then in Bed Sick, I am aware there is a deadline of 25th February for Items for inclusion in the AGM which is now passed I am sure the Commodore will accept them for another week or so.

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