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The newsletter of the S.C.G.S.C.

Volume 5, Issue 3 June, 2007
1 Sailing Report and Refresher Courses
2 A Preview of the French Cruise 2007
3 Committee Report
4 Safety Report. Photograph of REFRESHED Skippers
5 Booking Procedure and New Members

A Sailors Prayer
‘Dear Lord above send down a Dove, With wings as sharp as razors, To cut the throats of them the men, That gave us sailor’s bad porter’

1. Sailing Report and Refresher Courses

Cruising Activity - Naval Service Yacht Squadron Sail in Company
Explorer joined with the Naval Yacht Squadron on the June Weekend for a cruise to West Cork. Mixed weather ensured a varied programme of activity both on and off the water. Signalling by flag was a new experience. Explorers’ crew performed well at the RAS, RPC & GP exercises
Crews were hard to find for this very enjoyable event. Congratulations to the Yacht Squadron for a well organised event.

RAS – Re-supply at sea
RCP – “Request the Pleasure of your Company”, a knees up on another yacht.
GP - Greasy Pole Event – It is not possible for legal reasons to report in writing on this activity!

Regrettably getting a crew for this event was difficult and only a few members of the club were involved. Great fun was had by all

Keep an eye on the booking section of the website for other opportunities for short cruises.


No 1. Eoghan Allen, Helen O’Leary, Mick Coughlan

No 2. Paul Hogan and Family, Mike Murphy & Louis, (Joan Wilson’s husband).

Refresher training for Members of SCGSC - Lights and Shapes Classes
The second course of this current series was hosted by Eoghan Allen on the 21st of May at the offices of the South West Regional Authority in Ballincollig. The subject covered, in a most informative and challenging way, was in relation to lights and marks. It was with some intrepidation that the challenge was taken on by the skippers and potential skippers who attended. Not very nice to be put in the drivers seat and have odd lights thrown up on a screen and being asked to correctly identify them. Surprisingly all present put up a very credible (no …..Not incredible) performance. It is, from the clubs perspective, important to have these informative evenings which

2. A Preview of the French Cruise 2007
On the 16th of June Explorer leaves for its longest trip to date, from Crosshaven to Brest and Northern Brittany. The return trip is about 600 miles and a full crew from the club is participating in what is expected to be a fun event with plenty of crack and tall stories of incredible feats. Any stories of rock dodging will be taken most seriously, as will any intention to traverse both Chenal du Four and Chanel de Hell at night. Explorer departs Crosshaven at 0900hrs on the 16th, and expects to be off Brest at about 2000 hrs on the 17th. The course currently being planned is to go directly, without stopping at the usual watering hole at St Mary’s, in the Isle of Scilly. We will pass outside of Ile d'Ouessant (Ushant) and from there to the Rade De Brest, then onto the Marina for a meal, drink, wash, and good rest. A raiding party will no doubt attempt to plunder either Morgat or Dounrnenez both of which are in the baie de Douarnenez.

The crew for this voyage is Victor Shine, the Commodore Paddy Allen, Mick Collins, Sean Kelleher, Claire Kenneally and Paula O’Flynn. This is both Clair’s and Paula’s first offshore cruise and they are looking forward to the adventure. All the crew attended a pre cruise briefing on the 27th of May at Maryborough Hotel, where the dastardly plan was formulated, along with the allocation of places within the crew. Victor, Paddy and Mick have agreed that the female crew will call the shots as the men feel more at home when being told what to do. Sean says that he is not in that category……..just yet!

An indication of the interest shown in this cruise is that there are three stand-by members willing to step in at a moments notice for the trip. Unfortunately the club was unable to generate enough interest to carry out a crew change in France. The last time this was done (successfully) was in 2000 when a crew changed at Concarneau, France. Hopefully next year……this can be repeated.

See the cruise report in the next newsletter.

Note: Claims in this article about new distance records are disputed by the Explorer delivery crew

3. Committee News Round Up
Your Committee last met on the 14th of May at the Fire Station, Anglesea Street, and a number of issues were looked at. Current membership stands at 43 which is higher than the previous month. Well done to everyone who contributed to this increased membership. The highest number of members recorded for the Club was 47 back in 1997. In the last few years numbers have fallen slightly, nonetheless it is now in an even healthier position. If we are ever to contemplate that 50’ then we need to achieve figures of around 50.

At present we have a number of civilian members wishing to join but we are unable to facilitate them just now. There are other Garda members who are considering joining this great club.

Dave Moore was nominated and elected to the position of Vice Commodore and we wish him all the best in this position. Currently he is in charge of membership and as can be seen he has achieved results…..”Keep it up Dave”…..I know you want at least a 60’.

4. Safety Report. Photograph of REFRESHED Skippers
Ongoing improvements are taking place on your boat ‘Explorer’.
The following list gives some indication as to the work that goes on from day to day on your behalf.

1. New anchor chain which is 30 Metres in length. The previous one was shorter and this has now been put on the reserve anchor. This will give ‘Exporer’ greater holding in difficult conditions. This was viewed as being necessary as on a previous occasion she dragged her anchor in a storm. So a New anchor and longer chain was the solution.

2. New chart for inner part of Bantry Bay. The chart plotter discs are in need of updating and one is currently being done. The Irish disc will be done towards the start of next season.

3. Two new hand held collision and three white illumination flares were purchased to give ‘Explorer’ a full current offshore pack.

4. We have finally received back our EPERB………our what !!!!!!!. Ok right. ‘Explorer’ has, attached onto the stern, a small white device which contrary to some wits is not an outside urinal but a satellite distress system. This will, once activated, inform Irish Coastguard of our position and the identity of the vessel. Next time you are on board have a look at it………but don’t press the button unless you want one of these over you asking

5. A Flag pole was procured which will make us look a little bit smarter and more sailor like especially in foreign ports. Not very patriotic hanging your national flag from the rigging.

6. Fog horn. This is a simple device which is wind operated…..the Commodore is exempt from using this instrument as he is short on wind……however other skippers are known

What is the nature of your distress?

Navigators Refresher Course on Lights and Shapes
The group attending the refresher course consisted of: From left to Right. Michael Coughlin, Brendan O’Donoghue, Helen O’Leary, Shane Allen, Club Commodore Paddy Allen, Eoghan Allen, Paul Hogan, Michael Dineen, Michael Collins, Victor Shine, Michael Murphy.

The Committee acknowledges its appreciation of the South West Regional Authority for accommodating the course and thanks Eoghan Allen for presenting a most interesting and challenging programme.

5. Booking Procedure and New Members
Booking Explorer 2007
The following arrangements for booking Explorer apply for 2007:

    1. Skippers will be asked to nominate two dates each, for the forthcoming month when they are available to the club to take Explorer to sea.

    2. Cruises still need to be booked in advance with the booking officer and if possible published on the newsletter. It is not fair on the membership to spring a cruise at short notice and expect the committee to sanction it. So adequate notice please.

    3. Overnights do not need the sanction of the Committee. What is required is that the Booking Officer be notified informing him of the details and the fact that the skipper for the following day is in agreement. Hopefully this should make it more user friendly.

    4. Again any member can book the boat and take it to sea provided he has a skipper who is sanctioned by the Committee. It is not necessary to wait until a skipper contacts you.

    5. All trips on Explorer have to be open to all members of the club. You are a shareholder in this boat just like everyone else – so use it!!

    6. The Booking Officer for this year is the Commodore Paddy Allen who can be contacted at 087-2786794 or 021-4814687.
New members ID Parade.
Welcome to two of our newer members to South Coast Garda Sailing Club. Claire Kenneally is well known to most of you having previously been attached to Anglesea Street as a Community Garda. At present Claire is a Sergeant attached to Watercourse Rd having been promoted last year. Claire who is originally from Dungarvan has some sailing experience and looking forward to her trip to France.

The other equally good looking member is Paula O’ Flynn. Paula is from Frankfield in Cork and is from that horrific group of people known as ‘Students’. Paula is currently completing her Masters Degree at the Smurfit Business School in Dublin. Reputed to having a good head for figures she will, no doubt double check all the navigation projections on her forthcoming trip to France on ‘Explorer’ where she will be teaming up with Claire.

Next month the “Crows Nest”will continue with Bio’s of other new members
Visit this website to support Kealan Allen (Eoghan’s son) who sets off for Mongolia shortly. Driving 10, 000 Miles for two great charities. Special thanks for the very generous contributions received so far – KEEP THEM COMING.

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