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The newsletter of the S.C.G.S.C.

Volume 5, Issue 2 April, 2007
1 Current Situation in relation to Explorer – Housekeeping
2 Lights and Shapes refresher night
3 Cruises 2007
4 Safety and Committee News
5 Booking Procedure and Advertisements

All Ships, All Ships, All Ships
Coastal report from all stations……this is…………
Here is your newsletter for May 2007 issued at 2100hrs on the 24th April 2007. Valid until the 1st of June 2007. Enough to do the job.

1. Current Situation in relation to Explorer & Housekeeping
Current Situation in Relation to EXPLORER Explorer is now ready for sea having undergone an initial shakedown cruise with Eoghan Allen. Some problems came to light during these trips and the work remaining is in progress. The amount of hard work that it has already taken to put Explorer in tip top condition is a credit to all the members who participated. With any vessel of this size there will always be some ongoing problem which has to be solved, fixed or hidden. A tremendous effort was made in making sure that even the smallest areas of the boat were cleaned. A full list of work done would take up the entire contents of this newsletter and still fall short of showing the full commitment……..Now that she is in top condition it is up to you to make sure she remains so for all of our benefit.

Housekeeping guidelines for all of you sea salts. Please take home with you on completion of your days sailing any property by way of clothing. Eoghan is currently operating a stall down by the Bridewell on a Saturday morning still trying to sell off last years array of shoes, dresses, boots, gloves, hats, kn…..the list is endless. Left over food …..Please donate it to ‘Davy Jones’ or take it home.

One small item. The ‘heads’ is not a S4 POA prisoner but the toilets of which there are two. It appears this is an issue which arises time and time again…..Please keep them clean. This is your personal ssia – so look after it. Finally. Give the skipper a hand to clean up. It’s not only his job.

2. Lights and Shapes refresher night
Eoghan Allen will present a short programme on lights and shapes at his office in South West Regional Authority, Ballincollig on Monday evening the 21st of May at 7.00 pm. A valuable opportunity to sharpen up for the season. Book with Eoghan at or 087 2834104 for further instructions and directions.

3. Cruises 2007
Planned Cruises for the Months of May/June A number of trips are planned for the immediate future. The longest is a trip to France leaving on the 16th of June for eight days. If enough Skippers are interested then an outward and return leg could be arranged. The closing date for this trip is the 8th May. Offshore trips are really a challenge in navigation, endurance, stamina along with an ability to remain standing at the bar for a prolonged period. Last years cruise was to Penzance and this proved to be a great attraction and a great time was had by all.

This was with the exception of a certain ‘Chemist’ who was in charge of provisions…..There we were with the Irish Coast just a thin line when someone asked…where is the butter? On arrival…butter was the first essential item purchased

For further details contact Paddy Allen or Paul Hogan

Cruise in Company With The Naval Sailing Squadron (Into the West)
A cruise in company with the Naval Squadron and the East Coast Garda Sailing Club is due to depart on the 31st of May and return on the 3rd/4th June from West Cork. This should be a fun event with plenty of action to keep everyone going. A skipper is required for this event so if any of you skippers out there feel able and willing to participate please do. Training exercises for this event will be arranged in due course at places like Cronin’s in Crosshaven or the like!!!! Contact Paddy Allen for further information

A Special Word of Thanks
The SCGSC would like to convey the appreciation of all the club members to the Flag Officer Commanding and Staff at the Naval Base in Haulbowline for permitting SCGSC the opportunity to over-winter EXPLORER at the Naval Dockyard. We also thank especially Comdr. Gene Ryan and CPO Dan Fawcett who were both most helpful in putting arrangements together. SCGSC looks forward to growing the relationship between both organisations in the future. SCGSC has agreed to join with the Sailing Squadron as a first step in this direction. We look forward to engaging with the Naval Sailing Squadron through the sailing season and during the winter months.

4 Safety and Committee News
Safety is not somebody else’s business IT’S YOURS

The one thing you want to see when in trouble! But if we all become a little bit more aware of the environment in which we sail and of the need to take more care then we can all enjoy the sport of sailing.

A review of safety was carried out recently. Some of our lifejackets were long overdue service. This lessens the chances of equipment working correctly. All lifejackets on board have been examined fully serviceable.

Because of the concerns of your Committee a dedicated Safety Officer was appointed some time ago to keep a check on safety matters. The Safety Officer is Victor Shine whom I have no doubt followed up the task with usual gusto (less the bell ringing and climbing up ladders).

It has been the experience over the years of items including safety equipment being either lost or damaged. If you happen to loose an item overboard……so what! We can easily replace it……no problem. What we cannot do it replace it when you are offshore and in need of it and cannot find it. So if you break, loose or happen to throw it at the skipper and miss him and it ends up in the drink…….tell the skipper and enter it the log and it can be replaced……simple………very simple…………now…… problem…..ok!

Committee News
The Committee is sorry to hear the good news from Tony O’Riordan that after a successful interview he has accepted a posting to the Customs Patrol Vessel Surveyor. Tony is delighted with this posting which will see him achieve a life long ambition of going to sea.

As a result Tony will be stepping down as Hon Treasurer in the next few weeks but will be remaining as a member of the Club. So good hunting Tony and don’t bother about Explorer we would never be into that smuggling racket anyway.

Sean Kelleher will be nominated for membership of the Committee at the next meeting. Sean has also accepted the nomination for position of treasurer. The Committee will vote on these nominations at the next meeting. Sean was promised a foreign holiday if he accepted the position which he jumped at. The holiday starts on the 16th June in Crosshaven!!!!!!!!!

The South Coast Garda Sailing Club again continues to attract new members and so we welcome the
following new members:

Superintendent Eddie MacEoin who is stationed in Bandon. Eddie has previously completed a sailing course in West Cork and is looking forward to expanding on his experience. In fact Eddie paid a visit to Explorer when she was being launched at the Irish Naval Service base in Haulbowline. David Power, Brooklodge, Glanmire. David is a researcher in UCC and an accomplished sailor who has sailed with the club in recent years.

Another member is in the process of joining the club and we will have details on the next issue.

5 Booking Procedure and Advertisements

Booking Explorer 2007
The following arrangements for booking Explorer apply for 2007:

    1. All skippers will be asked to nominate two dates for the forthcoming month which they are prepared to be available to the club to take Explorer to sea.

    2. Cruises still need to be booked in advance with the booking officer and if possible published on the newsletter. It is not fair on the membership to spring a cruise at short notice and expect the committee to sanction it. So adequate notice please.

    3. Overnights do not need the sanction of the Committee. What is required is that the Booking Officer be notified informing him of the details and the fact that the skipper for the following day is in agreement. Hopefully this should make it more user friendly.

    4. Again any member can book the boat and take it to sea provided he has a skipper who is sanctioned by the Committee. It is not necessary to wait until a skipper contacts you.

    5. All trips on Explorer have to be open to all members of the club. You are a shareholder in this boat just like everyone else – so use it!!

    6. The Booking Officer for this year is the Commodore Paddy Allen who can be contacted at 087-2786794 or 021-4814687.
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