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The newsletter of the S.C.G.S.C.

Volume 4, Issue 2 July, 2005
Tid Bits

Thanks. The Editor thanks those members who congratulated him on the new newsletter style and content. Keep those messages pouring in.

Well done Mick Collins, the new boat manager. Explorer looks absolutely fantastic. Gleaming inside and out. Mick has set up a lost property office in his car boot for all those pieces that we untidy people leave after us.

Explorer goes to Cornwall. Explorer departed for Fowey this Thursday. Best wishes for a great trip in fair weather. See next month’s “Telescope” for a report

Harry Topham tells me that he is planning a cruise to the Kenmare River from 9th to the 13th of July. Harry is looking for a skipper and crew. Why not sign up for this trip. Call Harry

Pat Fleming The editor has heard that Pat Fleming is opening a yacht chandlery. Mind your shackles and other loose marine hardware. Shackles are disappearing off Explorer at a great rate when Pat is out.

Friday Night Racing Eoghan Allen will race on Friday evenings this season. Where are all the guys and gals that want to sail. Good sailing assured - Call Eoghan

The Tall Ships 2005

Did you know that the tall Ships Race will sail into Waterford on the 6th of July and depart on the 9th. An unusually large fleet has registered to participate in The Tall Ships’ Races 2005 which will take place between 6 July and 6 August. For each of the four days you can enjoy a packed schedule of cultural visits and sports together with a Crew Parade through the streets and parties, all running late into the night. To date 130 sail training vessels from 26 countries have registered to take part in the race series. The crews will number about 5000 altogether The race goes from Waterford with its parade of Sail on the 9th. This will be a fantastic colourful event.

The next port of call will be Cherbourg France, passing by the Isles of Scilly and Cornwall.

Would you like to join the parade of sail on the 9th in Waterford on board Explorer, Would you like to sail on with the fleet for maybe a day.?

If any of this interests you then call Eoghan Allen 087 2834104. I will attempt then to coordinate a skipper and crew for the trip

P.S. You may have noted the possible clash with Harry Topham’s cruise to Kenmare. Harry has agreed to delay his departure if we get a crew together for this event . Don’t delay call NOW

For more information on the tall ships go to

The Social Scene — Lets get partying
The summer moves on a pace and yet we all seem so busy getting on with life. I believe that the Committee could be persuaded to organize a BBQ. Imagine the fun that you would have and the scandal that I could catch up on for the Telescope. Contact your local committee member to lobby for a great evening of Steak, Stout and Scandal. A great opportunity to plan those on the water events and cruises.

And anyway you never know who you might bump into at the South Coast Garda Sailing Club BBQ Call Haulie Dineen your resident Hon Secretary Today and tell him to get the event up and going. I’m beginning to look forward to this already—must ring Haulie!

All Newsletters on-line
Did you notice that all the SCGSC newsletters are now on-line at

You now have access to all past newsletters, now that I think of it that could be depressing. However it also means that you don’t have to make a freedom of information request to find out what happened 2 years ago.

For the not so technically minded the newsletters are in what is called PDF format.. Basically this makes the newsletter more manageable and slightly quicker to download.

If you have any difficulty opening the PDF file then your PC probably needs Adobe reader 7. This is available free from the Internet and the link to the Adobe site is on the newsletter page on our web site.

Happy reading

Hold this Space for a Members Article !
Just while we are waiting

One day, 4 sailors and a counsellor and I were out in a stiff breeze. Kate (not her real name) who had a reputation for being a little bit of an airhead, was at the helm.

Kate wasn't very good at sailing, and at one point she pointed way too far into the wind, causing the sail to start luffing wildly.

She had no idea which sheet (rope) to pull or which direction to point the boat to get the sail to fill again, so she started getting frantic. Exasperated, the counsellor finally yelled "Fall off! Fall off!".

Kate immediately jumped off the back of the boat

Other Local News
East Coast Club have moved their boat “St Raphael” to Dublin from Crosshaven to get their summer cruising programme under way. We wish them an excellent summer on the water.

Coiste Siamsa has sponsored a race between the two clubs to be run off annually. Originally we were to have the race in the Cork Harbour area, but the Dubs felt that we would have an advantage— Course we would and the advantage would not be local knowledge.

All bickering aside it now seems that the race will be run off possibly in August at an agreed venue. Sounds like a great idea, all you racing types had better get into training. Second place is not good enough in this event.

Socially I understand there would be a regatta atmosphere about this race programme, with fireworks and other pyrotechnics displays. Partying into the late hours and gentlemanly behavior on the race course.

The editor has heard in the rumour mill that the race is possibly going to be held in the vicinity of the Saltees

Interested ? Get you name into the editor without delay

Reminder - Don’t forget to ring Haulie about the BBQ
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