The Telescope

The newsletter of the S.C.G.S.C.

Volume 4, Issue 3
September, 2005
Tid Bits
Congratulations Martin. Seen in Cork Harbour was Martin Landers in his Oceanis 411. Well done Martin. How about a story for the next issue of Telescope about your passage home. Looked like your bottom could do with a rub!

Well done Cobh Regatta Crew. SCGSC Crew sailing in the Cobh Regatta did us proud. They Finished 3rd, a later review of handicaps indicated a definite 2nd or possible 1st. The Commodore congratulated the team involved for their commitment and bravery in difficult conditions

Explorer goes to Cornwall. See July Issue. This months feature article tells the story warts and all. Cornwall my *&%$

Gender Balance. News on the grapevine. The editor has it from a reliable source that the domain of the all male skippers is about to end.

Sunday Racing Flushed with the success at Cobh Regatta, Explorer is making ready to take on the titans of the harbour again. Call Eoghan to join the Sunday racing.

Sail Ireland Kinsale have some offers for crew places to canary Islands in October. Call Sail Ireland for details 086-8105755

Cobh Regatta 2005
SCGSC fielded its first racing crew of the season this month for the well known Cobh Regatta. Cobh has always been a good event with boats coming from all the other clubs in the area to have a lash at the various water based events of the regatta. Highlights, as usual, were the sailing, both dinghy and cruisers and the rowing.

The crew were: Skipper-Eoghan Allen Tactician-Pat Fleming Bowman-Paul Hogan Grinders-Mike Murphy Ronan Allen Garvan Allen Main Trimmer-Commodore Coughlan, Dermot O’Mahony Genoa Trimmer-Dave O ‘Riordan Good Lookers –Sorca, Helen and Trionaceile

The Explorer crew, an enthusiastic bunch were performed a Haka type manoeuvre on Vietse’s pontoon before leaving Crosshaven on Sunday morning. With that out of the way a successful outcome was on the cards.

We were so cool at the start line and with all sails well set were off to a great start, At least some of the fleet were behind us. We quickly began to overhaul the competition and caused a flurry among other yachts on more than one occasion. However a short course denied us the line honours. Probably another five minutes would have seen Explorer first across the line.

Corrected time brought us into 3rd place. And so the celebration began, for some at least this was a late night out .and was well deserved.

Later Trionaceile discovered that Cove Sailing Club had made an error in our handicap, At the time of going to press the protest flag is still up. Seems that we actually did win that race!

Fowey— A Dream Becomes a Nightmare—Paddy Allen
also known as the great idea for a food blender for ‘Explorer

The trip was placed on the website in early May. So, as there were no takers, the search for a gallant crew was extended far and wide until the places were filled. The departure date was the 30th of June with the intention of departing from Crosshaven and proceeding to Fowey in Cornwall. Our course, arrived at through consensus, was 154º(m) until in sight of the Seven Stones Light to the East of the Isles of Scilly and then keeping West of the shipping lane until near Wolfe Rock. From there, it was to be a reasonably straight run to Penzance. And so are laid the plans of mice.

As usual, the plan began to unfurl as did the Genoa as we departed Crosshaven. The forecast was for 15 to 20 knots which soon began to increase to 25 knots accompanied by a swell (Ed Note: breezy with small waves.). Where was our forecast of winds at 5 on the scale? None the less we literally ploughed on with the wind from the SW. We were now about 14 miles out with the wind rising when a small craft warning was issued by Met Eireann and a decision was made to head for Kinsale and sit it out or cry, I don’t know which came first. At Kinsale we adjourned to the Yacht Club where a debriefing was commenced and we thought about all the food we had in the freezer and also contemplated all the fine food we had to throw overboard ( yea I know! Don’t rush me I’m getting close to the thing about the blender).

That night, after several drinks, we again adjourned, this time peremptorily against the skipper to ‘Explorer where Ruairi Allen had prepared a fine meal of Chicken stir fry. This was slopped back by copious amounts of wine by a crew who were becoming increasingly vocal and boisterous. The fact that there was a foreign ship alongside I think helped them in no small measure with their rendition of ‘Sean South’……several times. I tried to appease the crew by pouring more drink into them, in the hope that by the morning they would be sick of Kinsale and ready for sea. No such luck…that night a heavy fog came down and the bloody fog horn kept sounding all night…….all…..all night until I eventually told Dan that if he didn’t stop snoring I would kill him slowly. That worked (no this is not where the blender comes in)

Next morning we stuck our noses out of Kinsale and the wind was now at 28knots and from the West. This was even with the protection of the Old Head on our Starboard side.

The option for Penzance was now slim and heading West into that wind was not a great prospect. A gale warning quickly solved the situation and with the Old Head at our back we ran for Crosshaven and thanked the man above that we were home and not on the sea or even in fiddlers green.

Oh yea; the food blender……Well, the crew thought that the club should invest in a food blender, so that on trips like this, if the food was blended it might come up easier rather than diced!!!!!!!!! Both prospects are a bit like constipation…… they bring tears to your eyes.

Dan Allen understudies the skipper

A Quiz presented by Paddy Allen
Q1. Where on a boat would you find the 'pea and bill'
Q2. What is the Morse signal for the letters SOS
Q3. How many feet in a fathom
Q4. What does WNA when painted on the side of a ship stand for?
Q5. How many masts has a Barque
Q6. How many masts has a Brig
Q7. To report soundings with a lead line where the dept is 7 fathoms what is the correct call?
Q8. What would you find at the foot of a deep sea lead line?
Q9. What does 'SOLAS' stand for?
Q10. What is the density of the rocks off 'Paimpol' (trick Question)

The prize will be presented by Paddy Allen at the “SCGSC Annual Throwing Up Party”
(1 hours free addition counselling) ( Ed Note: Ideally you should not be suffering from any addiction
at the start of the session !)

Pictures taken at Cobh Regatta

Crew of Explorer celebrate their win at Cobh
Regatta with a drop of bubbly and Triona’s
chocolate cake.
Is that Jeanie Johnson tied up alongside
Explorer? And Where did that handbag come from?

Paul Hogan tries to rev things at the
Cobh Regatta

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