The Telescope

The newsletter of the S.C.G.S.C.

Volume 4, Issue 1 June, 2005

Tid Bits:
This is the first issue of Telescope for 2005. Publication monthly in sailing season. The final page will carry the sailing programme for the month. Remember that the programme will be updated on line so, for the most up to date version look at the web

Any suggestions on the name welcome.

Any stories or articles that you would like to write up will be published.

Congratulations to Breandan and Victor for their efforts on behalf on the Chernobyl Project.

Paddy Allen is looking for crew for a cruise to Cornwall—More details later in this report.

There is a small matter of leaving the boat clean after use. Loo flushing essential

The newsletter can carry for sale or wanted ads. Do you want to get rid of an old boy/girlfriend – advertise here for best results in the personal ads section

Annual General Meeting 2005
The Annual general Meeting of the South Coast Garda Sailing Club was held at the Garda Club, Penrose Wharf. A good attendance turned out on the night and members welcomed the opportunity to kick off the new sailing season, regale each other on highlights of the previous year and the resolutions to get more on the water time this year.

The outgoing committee presented their reports showing the club in a sound financial state with a new recruiting campaign operating under the leadership of Dermot O’Mahony it seems that we can expect to see an additional 8 to 10 new members in this season.

Eoghan Allen, the outgoing Commodore of the Sailing Club highlighted the strong position of the club with its relatively new Beneteau 393, well appointed and equipped to provide an excellent service for some years to come. He also referred to the past season as not having been a very good one from a weather point of view. He stressed that members should try to advance their activity in the Club so that its potential to grow can be realized.

Martin Landers, recommended that members should try to seek passages on delivery trips etc, these runs are a great learning experience and are a source of hands on experience. If you would like to source some of these trips contact Martin or any member of the Committee.

2005 First Cruise—Explorer Heads West
The first cruise of 2005 was a lofty plan with a sail in company from Crosshaven, to the Isles of Scilly by three boats, “Explorer”, the East Coasts “Saint Raphael” and John O’Sullivans “Rambler”. Explorers crew were a balanced and mature group of experienced hands, Eoghan Allen, John McSweeney, Haulie Dineen, Bob Thompson, Paul Hogan and Kelly.

Those guys in the met office really screwed up and the trip had to be seriously amended. A week in Scilly became a weekend in Crosshaven, a day in Kinsale and Castle-
townshend. However the crew advanced their experience. John and Paul who will sit their skippers tests this summer all learned form the weekend. John McSweeney is now our knotting expert, tutored by Bob Thompson.

Suppose we can now tell you to get knotted John.

Cruise to Fowey
The editor visited Fowey recently on your behalf and recommends it as a great venue. 5 Star destination.

The Fowey Estuary has to be one of the most attractive and unspoilt parts of Britain's South coast. The peaceful Fowey river is surrounded by many miles of lovely open countryside, much of which is in the ownership of the National Trust.

The multitude of sailing dinghies, yachts, schooners and motor launches either moored or sailing in the estuary is an impressive sight to behold.

Fowey is a river surrounded by many miles of lovely open countryside, much of which is in the ownership of the National Trust.

You may visit Fowey aboard Explorer. She departs for Fowey on the of 30 June. Crew are being recruited & I understand that a Scilly overnight will also be part of this cruise.

SCGSC - New Commodore and Committee for 2005
The end of April saw the time for the change of the Guard and the introduction of a new Commodore and Committee for the next 2 years or so. The AGM was a well attended one with the usual AGM type of business being transacted. The new Committee is ably led by Mick Coughlan, who has Haulie Dineen and Siobhan Field as his secretary and Treasurer respectively. It should not go un-noticed that Siobhan is the first female officer in the Club. Hopefully the new Commodore will grace this publication with his views on how he sees the club progressing in the next few years. Other Committee members are : Paul Hogan (Bookings), Mick Collins (Boat Manager), Dermot O’Mahony (Recruiting), Eddie O’Sullivan, Eoghan Allen (Newsletter), Mick Murphy, JJ O’Keeffe, Miriam Maguire, and Dave Moore.

The AGM also passed a series of amendments to the SCGSC Constitution. The Committee will shortly circulate the amended document

Garda Sailing Web Site on a New Tack
Paul Hogan - that technocrat, has re-located the club web-site for your convenience and to ease the effort on bad memories. The new web can be found at

Day bookings can still be completed on-line, username is gardasc and the password is oasis. Links and all other information will be updated

The newsletter and back issues will be posted on the site Still plenty of space for any reports or confessions that could warm the memories on cold winter evenings

Buoys won’t be Boys
Editor’s note: The following anonymous confession by a member is just one way of getting something off your chest. Do you want to have a go? Just write to the editor, confidentiality guaranteed. Editor:

I was on board Oasis, and halfway through my Coastal Skipper practical course. We had left Courtmac, heading towards Cork. It was a bright, crisp, late autumn day with hazy sunshine.

After passing Kinsale at dusk our skipper decided that with the remaining daylight we should press on to Cork Harbour. With a fair wind, we ran on and darkness fell. Time passed and in the half light I was struggling to pick out the marks and lit buoys. I had just reached the prime of my life, having passed 40 the previous year. After some difficulty we eventually negotiated our way to the marina. In the pub later that night I decided that I must go and see an optician to get my eyes sorted.

After the examination the optician said that my vision needed correction and asked me: 'What made you think you needed glasses?' I replied, without thinking: 'I'm having trouble picking up buoys after dark'.

New SCGSC Commodore Coughlan Speaks Out
In our current busy schedules where constant unrelenting demands are being placed on our time, finding time for leisure activities is always difficult. Having been recently ‘press ganged’ into accepting the role of Commodore in the SCGSC I know just how difficult it is to find the time to get out on the water and utilise the very valuable resource we have available to us in the club. Since she was purchased last year EXPLORER has been put through her paces and has loads of potential for both cruising and competitive sailing. She has been fully equipped with every possible aid to sailing and navigation with a very strong emphasis on safety.

Skills to be learned on a boat such as rope handling, navigation, learning tides, even cooking. These skills can come in useful in areas other than sailing and can be learned on a boat with practice. We have no shortage of people with expertise to learn from but we have to get out there. Sailing can be as relaxing or as physical as you want it to be. You can learn whatever the weather conditions are. Maybe there are younger family members who want to make productive use of their leisure time for the school holidays.

We can make the most of the summer (if we get one) by getting out on the water either with friends or family. Think about a short trip to East Ferry on a sunny day or a longer cruise to Kinsale and taking in a nice meal with a few drinks ashore or on board (take McDowell’s advice) and the trip home where you cut his advice (amongst other things) to shreds. What could be more enjoyable?

The one thing that makes a Commodores job easier is having a good team behind him and there is an enthusiastic committee raring to go and anxious to help every club member to get the most from the club. However it isn’t just down to the committee. Keep an eye on the booking schedule and if a skipper has his name down for a day sail or a cruise then get a crew together and make the most of it.

I have to acknowledge here the huge contribution my predecessor has made and continues to make to the club. If I can do half as good a job as Eoghan Allen did for his term I’ll be happy. So as the saying goes “Let’s Go Shoot theBreeze”.

- Mick Coughlan
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