The Telescope

The newsletter of the S.C.G.S.C.

Volume 2, Issue 2 June, 2003 #2

It is with great sadness that l inform you that our beloved Oasis is now permanently out of commission.

A hearty crew left Crosshaven on Thursday last on route to the Isle of Jersey in the Channel Islands. While entering the port of Paimpol in Northern Brittany OASIS had a collision with a rock resulting in major hull damage. There has been much speculation as to what led to its demise, Kate Gibney’s favourite version was recounted by Dan Murphy who was on board at the time. Dan maintains an octopus attached itself to the hull and guided it onto the rocks ……..sure thing Dan!. On the upside none of the crew was injured, if you don’t count pride!, and are all in good spirits. Immediately after the collision the crew put full safety procedures into effect and this action protected the crew and prevented further damage to OASIS. OASIS despite the damage was able to limp into port under her own power and is available for viewing on the hard at the Dauphin Nautique, Paimpol.

The extent of the damage is extensive and the opinion of the surveyor is that the vessel is beyond reasonable repair. We should have more information available to you over the next few days or week. Club members will be kept advised of developments. Indeed as soon as there is anything significant to report another notice to Members will issue.

So what action is the Committee taking just now? Firstly the emphasis is to address the matter of insurance and indicators are that the claim will be for a write off.

As to when the club will begin sailing again this important issue is also being concentrated onand consultation at club level will take place on that. Expect an EGM in the near future and please do try to attend. After the resolution of insurance this will be the priority. We hope to sail again this summer.

The Committee will also carry out a safety review as a result of the incident to identify what can be learned for the future.

There has been a suggestion of some alternate social activity also, who said something about a bar b cue. Send all ideas to KATE who is now also the Social Secretary. Watch out for further information.

Finally we have had a call from the East Coast Club who have invited us to take up any available slots on their summer cruise programme which includes Ireland Cruises and believe it or NOT a cruise to Paimpol. Do I hear Paddy “Rocky” Allen offering himself in a consultancy capacity.

As soon as the schedule arrives from the East Coast a further update will follow. I have thanked the East Coast Group on your behalf.

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