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The club is now taking applications for 2020 membership. If you are interested in joining click the "join now" image to fill in a simple form and a representative of the club will contact you. Alternatively, you can just e-mail the Club Secretary with your details.

The Garda Siochana, (Irish Police Force), Sailing Club was formed in October 1993 to promote sailing and all its benefits among members of the Force. The club was initially based in Dublin and implemented a boat sharing scheme to ensure members based in the south would have some time with the yacht in their own cruising grounds. Over the years, as interest and membership grew and the proprotion of southern members increased a natural evolution of the garda sailing club was to have two individual clubs, each operating as an automonous entity, drawing members from their own main catchment areas. This decision lead to the formation of the South Coast and East Coast Garda Sailing Clubs, with the East Coast club being based in Dublin and the South Coast club based in Cork.

Once the South Coast Garda Sailing Club (SCGSC) was established members went about sourcing a yacht suitable for their needs. The clubs first yacht was a Westerly Konsort. The club went from strength to strength and many members introduced to sailing via the club went on to achieve their yachtmaster qualifications and remain in the club today as skippers passing on their knowledge to the next generation of sailors. As time moved on the club set their sights on a larger yacht and eventually secured a Jeanneau Sun Fizz. Again, a lot of travelling was done on the Jeanneau, mostly covering the south and west coasts of Ireland, South of UK and northern France. In 2004 the Sun Fizz was traded up for (at that time) a two year old Beneteau Oceanis 393. This Beneteau continues to serve the members needs, making a number of passages each year, continuing our tradition of at least one annual offshore trip, and one coastal trip.

As well as the extensive cruisng schedules, the SCGSC also competes in racing organised by the different clubs around cork harbour and has competed in both the Round Ireland Yacht Race and Cork Week regattas in the past.

The SCGSC continues to train new members and are always looking for new members. Obviously, the club is open to members of an Garda Siochana but we also accept a number of non Garda members. If you wish to learn nore about the club please don't hesitate to contact us by filling in the form in the contact us section. We would be more than happy to organise information sessions for prospective new members. We would also be interested in establishing links with other police force sailing clubs internationally.

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