Safety Statement for the
South Coast Garda Sailing Club
yacht Explorer
These instructions are issued for your safety. Your co-operation is requested in complying with them. You are asked to read these frequently and familiarise yourself with them.
In the event of any emergency follow the instructions of the captain.
Life Jackets and safety harnesses:
Life jackets will be worn on the instructions of the captain and will always be worn in adverse conditions and at night with safety line attached.
Life jackets will always be worn by members while under going training or instruction.
It is good practice to use safety harnesses at night and to clip on even in good weather.
Life jackets and safety harness are located in the seat by the dining table in the Main Saloon.
Life rafts / Abandoning ship:
In the event of the vessel having to be abandoned it will be on the instructions of the captain.
An 8 man life raft is located on the transom, port side. This life raft will inflate automatically once activated.
Bolt Cutters and Toolbox:
The bolt cutters are wrapped in plastic and located in the main cabin.
The toolbox is located in the port aft cabin.
Briefing Crew:
It is the skippers responsibility to brief their crew prior to departure on a cruise/trip of:
the safety requirements and equipment on board.
the weather they might encounter.
the watch system to be used.
details like their port of call and their ‘safety’ port.
any special responsibilities for members of the crew such as: navigator, cook, watch leader etc.
It is also the skippers responsibility to keep the log up to date.
Any item of equipment missing or defective should be brought to the notice of the skipper who will in turn inform the commodore or the member designated.
Members should at all times take whatever action is required to safeguard both themselves and other members of the club.
These are located in a sealed yellow plastic container with a red lid in the locker under the chart table.
The pack consists of:
White Flares.
Red Parachute Flares.
Fire extinguishers are located in the following locations:
1 Kg Powder. Located in the main saloon by the mast.
2 Kg Co2 In the locker under the chart table.
1 Kg Powder. Located in stern port locker.
First Aid:
First aid box is situated in the starboard aft cabin.
There is also sun-cream and after-sun in the locker behind the mirror in the toilet in the main saloon.
Man overboard:
Shout a warning and keep victims location in view.
Throw the dan buoy and lifebuoy.
Keep constant visual contact with the person.
Point at the position of the person in the water.
Activate the man overboard button on the GPS system.
Radio procedures:
Radio will be tested prior to any voyage.
Radio will be switched on at all times while at sea and listen in on C16.
The correct radio procedures will be adhered to at all times.
When cruising always give in your radio route, and when in doubt call out.
Sea Sickness:
Any crew / skipper may feel ill from time to time so do be responsible and take your stugeron tablets and use your sea bands.
Sailing is great when your well but is terrible when sick. You become a liability when ill and someone else has to take care of you.
All members are to take all necessary measures to safeguard their own safety and that of other crewmembers.
Timber plugs:
Timber plugs are stored in a bag in the drawer under the chart table.
A timber plug is also to be found alongside each inlet and outlet valve.
The main power switch is situated in the starboard aft cabin, just inside the door on the right at the foot of the bunk.
Two torches are on board, a maglite and a large blue rechargeable light.
A number of disposable light sticks are also held in the flare locker. These will provide light for up to a minimum of 12 Hours.