The Telescope

The newsletter of the S.C.G.S.C.

Volume 2, Issue 4 October, 2003
Good Outcome for the Garda Sailing Club
Insurance Payment Received, OASIS Sold

By: Eoghan Allen

The Committee of the South Coast Garda Sailing Club has announced that final settlement has been reached with the Club insurers, Pantaenius. Along with the sale of OASIS and the insurance policy payout the club is now preparing for the task of purchasing a replacement yacht.

Success comes to those that work for it. At least that appears to be the outcome of the negotiations between the SCGSC and Pantaenius, the Insurance Brokers who provided the insurance cover for OASIS. A long summer of meetings, discussions, phone conversations, letters and reports has resulted in a closure of the claim for the damage to OASIS which happened last June off the French Coast.

The total value of the claim was about € 87,000, which in effect was the write off value of the Yacht, or as the insurers more accurately described it “the constructive total loss” value.

On the occasion of the committee meeting held last Thursday, it was confirmed that all monies due to the Club have now been paid. It was noted that the sale of OASIS achieved € 15,000 and that the Insurance payment for the balance of the claim amounted to € 70,865.37. Both of these payments are now on the club accounts. This concludes the activity of addressing the insurance matters relating to the June incident.

As Commodore I would like to thank the Committee for their commitment during the summer months to attending meetings and bringing matters to a successful conclusion. This summer was not the most exciting time to be a member of this Committee, no sailing and loads of meetings and calls to make and letters to write. Hopefully the final outcome, which must now be addressed, will be equally successful.

The Committee is now at an advanced stage of the preparation of a series of proposals for the general membership of the club. These proposals will be addressed to members at an EGM of the Club to be held on November the 11th at the Garda Club in Penrose Wharf. These proposals will include options on:

    1. What type of boat do the members now want to buy.
    2. What amount and type of Loan should we now secure
    3. Should we look at the membership options that we offer, should we have long-term membership, allowing generation of funds without interest payment.
    4. What subscription rates should we apply to allow implementation of this plan
This club is the members club and members should take a role in giving guidance to the Committee that is acting for you. However, the Committee is only as good as the direction that you give.

You as a club member have a RESPONSIBILITY, which you should NOT ignore. The EGM called for November the 11th is for you to play your part. The Committee deserves and requires your support.

So do not be on the absentee list for the EGM on Tuesday the 11th of November

Things that You Really Should KNOW
Now that we may get back on the water soon!
Amidships a condition of being surrounded by other boats.
Anchor a device designed to bring up mud samples from the bottom at in-opportune or unexpected times.
Anchor Light a small light used to discharge the battery before daylight.
Berth a little addition to the crew.
Boom sometimes the result of a surprise jibe.
Bottom Paint what you get when the cockpit seats are freshly painted.
Chart a type of map, which tells you exactly where you are aground.
Companionway a double berth.
Dead Reckoning a course leading directly to a reef.
Deviation any departure from the Captain’s orders.
Displacement when you berth your boat and can’t find it later.
Estimated Position a place you have marked on the chart where you are sure you are not.
First Mate crew member necessary for skippers to practice shouting instructions to.
Foul Wind breeze produced by flying turkey.
Freeboard food and liquor supplied by the owner.
Headway what you are making if you can’t get the toilet to work.
Heave-Ho what you do when you’ve eaten too much Ho.
Jibe either you like it or you don’t and it gets you.
Keel term used by 1st mate after too much heel by skipper.
Landlubber anyone on board who wishes he were not.
Latitude the number of degrees off course allowed a guest.
Mast religious ritual used before setting sail.
Mizzen an place you can’t find.
Ram an intricate docking manoeuvre sometimes used by experienced skippers.
Rhumb Line two or more crew members waiting for a drink.
Rock Climbing something that should only be tried on dry land
Sheet cool, damp, salty night covering.
equipment used in connection with a wake
special board used by skippers for navigation (usually with "Port" on the opposite side.)


a wave that’s just great. Force 2 gusting 3.
News Snippets
Congratulations: To Pat Fleming who was recently selected for a driving course in Templemore. Does this mean that Pat is out of the saddle for good
Best wishes: To Martin Landers. Martin suffered a back injury lately and had to spend a few days in dock (not for a bottom scrub). Get well soon, as the committee needs your help too. Martin is now at home in Dungarvan and would welcome an e mail: Does this mean Martin is out of the saddle also? Aspiring Cowboys apply to the editor.
Thanks Harry and Haulie: For your recent expedition to PAIMPOL France to recover Sailing Club equipment. These 2 brave sailors with a customised “recovery” truck brought back our valued property and a few bottles of plonk.
To Joan Wilson: For just looking so well in Noordwijk, the Netherlands and on the following Sunday in Berlin. Landers eat your heart out.
Paul Hogan: Congratulation on your appointment as Vice Commodore of the SCGSC
Committee Members

The members of the Committee are as follows:

Eoghan Allen - Commodore
Paul Hogan - Vice Commodore
Dermot O’Mahony - Secretary
Pat Fleming - Treasurer
Victor Shine
Michael Dineen (Haulie)
Edie O’Sullivan
Kate Gibney
Martin Landers
Harry Field (Ex Officio)

Position of Editor SCGSC
Applications are invited for the appointment of Editor of the SCGSC Newsletter. Intending applicants should submit a comprehensive outline of their experience or lack of it. A handsome salary for the position, with extensive fringe benefits (incl: family size car with flashers and siren) will reflect the experience and qualifications of the selected applicant. Canvassing will NOT disqualify. SCGSC is NOT an equal opportunities employer.

Position of Editor SCGSC
The above is a serious advert. The Club needs an editor for the newsletter. If any member is willing to take up this post until the next AGM then please contact any member of the Committee
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