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All news items are displayed using the date and headding and the first sentence of the content. To open the full article just click on the headding. Articles are displayed according to when they were added, with the most recently added article first.

28th October 2017 Lift Out (click to read)
>Lift out is provisionally scheduled for Saturday 28th October, weather depending...
6 November 2010 Liftout Photos (click to read)
>A selection of Photos of the liftout have been added both to the website and our facebook page...
6 July 2010 Website updates (click to read)
>we have added some new functionality to the website to notify members by e-mail whenever events are added, modified or deleted from the calendar...
5 July 2010 Calendar & Forum Login Details (click to read)
>Not all members of the club had subscribed to the forum and calendar sections of the website...
19 June 2010 Joint SAR Demo (click to read)
>Today there was a multi agency Search and Rescue demontaration in Cobh...
20 April 2010 Website Updates (click to read)
>This is just a quick note about recent updates to our website...
2 April 2010 Explorer launched for 2010 (click to read)
>The 2010 launch of explorer was carried out today (Good Friday)...
26 January 2010 AIS Display (click to read)
Over the last number of years AIS (Automatic Information System) for promulgating information on commercial traffic has become more and more common...
1 January 2010 New Website Launched
Over the last few months a major redevelopment of the clubs website has been undertaken. It was felt that the previous site was in need of an update.

To maintain a commonality between the old and new sites the navigation options remain the same: The links on the left hand side of the page are consistent with the old site, we've just added a few more.

The major changes you will notice are in the booking system, the photo gallery and the introduction of a members forum.

We are now running and maintaining our own booking system on our own server, it easisly integrates with the overall astethics of the new website and there is a quick link on the front page to the next event. The booking system functionality can be seen as just more than just a booking form for Explorer. It can be used to notify members of any upcoming events, meetings, courses etc.

The second major change to the website is the photo gallery. Here, members will be able to upload their own images. This should be an easy process with a number of mechanisms available to upload your images.

The third major addition is the members forum, or buletin board. Through this forum we hope to generate healthy discussions on any topic relating to the clubs activity, courses, general sailing matters etc.

Other changes include the addition of a news page. This page lists all news items. The page shows the date, title and first line of each item. Clicking on the title opens that item. Also, the front page of the website will contain the full text of the most recent news item.

Our links page is categorized into five sections: Rescue Agencies, Weather Forecasts, Tides, Maritime Notices, Clubs and Organisations. If you would like additional items, links etc please contact the secretary.

Additionally, we have a number of quick links on the left hand side of the page, just under the main links section. These show the latest booking, the most recent news item, the lastest post to the members forum and a random image from the gallery. Clicking the "more" link brings you to the apropriate section and clicking on the random image opens that image.

All reports are now offered in HTML as well as PDF. If you just want to read the report online click the HTML link. If for some reason you wish to print the report it would be better to click the PDF link. But remember, in order to view PDF files you must have a PDF viewer (Like Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar) installed.

A comprehensive set of instructions on the calendar, gallery and forum is currently being produced, and we hope to circulate that to the members within the next week or so.

Finally, we will maintain a link to the old site for a few months. This can be accessed through the clubs and organisations sections of the links page. Once the old site is removed, this link will be updated so that we can maintain a permanent link to the previous booking system.

So, have a look around the new site and as always any comments or suggestions are welcome. They can be sent on to the secretary.